Frequently Asked Questions

You must be at least 21 and have a valid driver's licence to hire a car through our self-drive website. Nevertheless, the minimum age requirement for specific luxury or high-end automobiles may be more significant. We also have the right to refuse rental if we consider the driver incapable of operating the car safely.

To hire a car using our self-drive website, you must have a valid driver's licence, a valid ID proof (such as a passport or Aadhar card), and a valid credit or debit card in the driver's name for the security deposit. If you are an international customer, you must have an international driver's licence or a certified English translation of your driver's licence with you. Further documentation may be required based on unique rental terms or restrictions.

Please notify us immediately if you need to cancel your rental reservation. Our cancellation policy varies according to the rental time and other criteria; please see our terms and conditions for more details.

We provide many automobiles to meet your needs, from small and fuel-efficient vehicles to luxury sedans and SUVs. You may select the sort of automobile you want based on your budget, the number of people, and the amount of luggage you have.

The cost of renting a car through our website is determined by several criteria, including the kind of vehicle, rental time, pickup and drop-off locations, and any additional services you may desire. You may obtain a quick price by entering your rental information on our website.

If you return the car late, you may face extra fees. To prevent fines, we urge that you return the automobile on time.